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Tiruppur lies at 11.1075 ° N 77.3398 ° E on the banking companies from the Noyyal River. That has a common altitude from 295 metres (967 feet) as well as covers an area of 159.6 km2 (61.6 sq mi).


Planned Castes and also Scheduled Tribes accounted for 5.47% as well as.06% from the population respectively. The normal proficiency of the metropolitan area was actually 78.17%, contrasted to the national standard of 72.99%. There were an overall from 207,358 workers, consisting of 490 growers, 721 major farming labourers, 3,492 in residence contain business, 191,882 various other workers, 10,773 low employees, 89 limited farmers, 74 marginal agricultural labourers, 470 limited employees in household industries and also 10,140 other marginal employees.

As per the religious census from 2011, Tiruppur (M Corp.) possessed 86.05% Hindus, 10.36% Muslims, 3.33% Religious, 0.03% Sikhs, 0.01% Buddhists, 0.07% Jains, 0.14% adhering to other religions and 0.01% following no faith or carried out certainly not suggest any kind of theological desire.


The environment in Tiruppur is exotic with the method optimum as well as minimum temperatures varying in between 35 to 22 ° C (95 to 72 ° F). The max temperature level throughout the summer season months are going to be around 35 ° C (95 ° F) and also the minimum required temperature will definitely be around 29 ° C (84 ° F). These months generally have a refreshing climate as well as temperature levels hardly increase past a maximum from around 29 ° C (84 ° F).

Due to the presence of the Palghat void, the city gets precipitations coming from the South-west monsoon in the months from June to August. After a damp September, the North-east monsoon brings storms begins with October which lasts till very early Nov. The mean yearly rains is around 700 mm (28 in) along with the North East and also the South West gales supporting 47% as well as 28% specifically to the total precipitations. The soil is predominantly black, which is suitable for cotton cultivation, yet it also has some reddish loamy soil. Tirupur brokens under the Class III/IV seismic zone, having experienced a 6.0 Richter range quake in 1900.

Management as well as politics

Tiruppur metropolitan area is conducted by Tiruppur Municipal Corporation moved through a mayor. Tiruppur Municipality was set up in 1917 and was upgraded to a metropolitan organization in 2008. Legislation and also order is maintained through Tiruppur authorities goinged by an authorities administrator of Deputy Assessor General rank.

Tirupur has two installation factions Tiruppur North and Tiruppur South. Tiruppur is part of Tirupur Lok Sabha faction which was actually produced in the course of the delimitation in 2008 comprising component of old Coimbatore, Gobichettipalayam and also Palani precincts.

Economic condition

Tiruppur is actually additionally recognized as the knitwear resources of India, accounting for 90% from India’s cotton knitwear export. In the Budgetary year 2013, exports were 17,500. The area provides work to around 400,000 employees, along with the common earnings each worker being around 9,000 every month.

Special Industrial Parks have actually been actually established to support the fabric market. Nethaji Garments Playground, Tirupur Export Knitwear Industrial Facility, SIDCO Industrial Estate and J.S.Apparel Playground are actually a handful of that are functional. Nethaji Garments Park has 53 providers manufacturing knitwear for exports. The SNOOZE presently provides work to 15,000 folks as well as creates export profits from Rs. 15 billion coming from the apparels generated in it. Tirupur Export Knitwear Industrial Complicated was developed in 1992 and has actually 189 sheds built over a 4200 square feet place. A few of the planet’s most extensive retailers consisting of C&A, Nike, Walmart, Primark, Adidas, Switcher, Polo Ralph Lauren, Diesel, Tommy Hilfiger, M&S, FILA, H&M, Reebok import textiles and apparel from Tiruppur.


Tiruppur possesses a good informative commercial infrastructure. The metropolitan area on its own has merely a handful of design universities, but the proximal areas and neighboring cities of Coimbatore as well as Wear down augurs well.

Ecological concerns

Tiruppur, like any kind of various other industrial town, faces its allotment of ecological contamination criticisms. As per the regulation of Madras High Court, zero fluid discharge (ZLD) must be strictly complied with in Tiruppur knitwear bunch during the course of the effluent therapy process.

Ultimately, by complying along with the above order, Tiruppur ended up being the initial fabric collection in India to achieve No Fluid Discharge in their devices. Planters in Tiruppur and also its frontier, who have dealt with the brunt of the indiscriminate discharge from commercial outflows into the water body systems for the previous lots of years, are actually yet again becoming interested.

The complying with are actually the significant roads attaching Tiruppur:

SH-19: Palladam – Tiruppur – Avinashi
SH-37: Tiruppur – Dharapuram
SH-196/ SH-81: Tiruppur – Gobichettipalayam
SH-169: Tiruppur – Somanur
SH-172: Tiruppur – Kangeyam

Tiruppur is actually effectively linked by moffusil bus services to all primary towns as well as metropolitan areas across Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka as well as Andhra Pradesh. The Tiruppur train line terminal falls on the fully electrified as well as dual tracked Salem – Coimbatore extensive scale pipes and is actually effectively connected through trains.

Places of enthusiasm

Significant temples in Tiruppur were actually built in the course of the regime from Cholas and Pandyas. Sukreeswarar Temple, is actually a 10th-century holy place founded at the outskirts of Tiruppur is taken into consideration some of the four ‘Sirpa Sthalangal’ in Kongu location. An epigraphic research conducted researches at the holy place disclosed that though the holy place was actually created through Pandyas, different inscriptions mention that the spot was used through tribals to offer poojas to ‘Shivalingam’ as early as Fifth century. A few of the popular visitor locations outside the metropolitan area are actually Sivanmalai, Thirumoorthy Hillsides, Amaravathi Crocodile Farm, Orathuppalayam Dam, Nanjarayan Tank, Koolipalayam wetlands, Andipalayam pond, Thirumurugan poondi, Konganagiri hill hock holy place, Tiruppur Tirupathi holy place, Avinashiappar temple as well as Vazhai Thottathu Ayyankovil.

The Town Hall, brand new railroad over-bridge, Tiruppur Kumaran remembrance, organization memorial support are actually a few of the landmarks in the Tiruppur city.

Historical Temple

God Sukreeswarar Holy Place

Lord Shiva was dedicated to God Rama, who was given away through Sukrivan during Ramayana. To display this, the Sadhrivan, Shivalingam, is a sculptural sculpture in the archeological venue of the temple.

This temple is a holy place from the Sundaramoorthy Swamigal, one of the church clergymans. This is actually as a result believed that this site could concern the 8th century. This temple is additionally referred to as Sukriswaraar, additionally known as the koala kauddin nayanar. By Audhunayagi on the appropriate edge from the sanctum sanctorum, Badrakali Amman Sannidhi is in front end of the shrine of the holy place. In the holy place facilities, there are Sannidas from the Virgin Vinayaka, Dakshinamurthy, Subramanian, Chandikeswara and also Bhairava.

The holy place houses the Pancha Lingas which embody the folk titans from property, water, air, heavens and also fire. Agni is considered the Linga. The Aagas Linga is found under the beloved Viva tree from Lord Shiva. The various other three lingams are actually surrounded by temple.


Previously, a business owner lugged pepper bags on cows with this temple. One which came there inquired, ‘Exactly what remains in the package?’

As a result of the price from pepper, the businessman existed regarding the pesticide. Off there to the market, opening up the bundles, there was a pacemaker. Considering the Lord’s punishment for lying in face from the temple, the vendor sobbed as well as shed tears. He prayed to God. At that point he heard a strange noise. ‘Where your cows are standing up, come and also worship me. Your concern will certainly be solved.

The trader additionally drove the cows as well as worshiped Sugreeswarar where the cow was standing. Observing this, the bags made of pacific were actually pepper bags. People of this location call this God ‘Pepper Easwara’. If you come listed below as well as pepper pooja, the belief that points will be satisfied. This is the amount of time from the Bhairava Puja in the final 14 years.

Temple unit:

In 1952, the holy place was determined to reconstruct the holy place as well as enhanced the foundation of the holy place. When the holy place was separated off the rock, that was actually exposed that there was actually a rock in the very same structure as in the exact same temple. This construct is actually mentioned to have been actually other from an additional holy place over the stone.

Two nandhi:

There are actually pair of nannies in this holy place. The holy place has actually gone to the agricultural property near Nandhi. The following day, when the holy place came to the holy place, blood stream came from Nandhi’s ears.

Later on, he created another Nandhi beloved as well as committed that to the temple. That is actually why there are pair of baby-sitters in this holy place.

The temple is actually currently regulated by the Archaeological Survey from India and also lies 8 km coming from Tirupur while driving to Uthukuli.

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