Tiruppur or Tirupur is an area in the Kongu Nadu location from the Indian condition of Tamil Nadu. Tiruppur is the managerial main office of Tiruppur district and also the 5th largest city pile and also fourth largest metropolitan area by area in Tamil Nadu. Tiruppur is actually carried out by internal organization which was set up in 2008 as well as the overall location of the firm is 159.6 km2 divided in to 60 wards. The complete populace of the urban area as per the 2011 poll is 444,352.

Tiruppur is a part of the Tiruppur faction that chooses its member of parliament. Tiruppur is a primary fabric and also weaved wear center bring about 90% of total cotton knit wear and tear exports off India. The fabric field provides job to over six lakh people as well as helped in exports worth 200 billion (US$ 2.9 billion) in 2014-15. Tiruppur constituted an aspect of the Kongu Nadu location ruled due to the Cheras in the course of Sangam duration. The area belonged to a popular Roman trade route that attached eastern as well as west coasts from India. The medieval Cholas controlled the Kongu Nadu in the 10th century CE and Chola stone makings mention Kanchi Maanadhi (Noyyal River) and the productive sand that this placed on its own banking companies. The area came under the procedure of the Vijayanagara Empire by the 15th century and also eventually Palayakkarars, the big shots of Madurai Nayaks ruled the location. In the later aspect of the 18th century, the location came under the Empire of Mysore, following a collection from wars with the Madurai Nayak Dynasty. After the defeat from Tipu Sultan in the Anglo-Mysore Wars, the British East India Provider annexed the region in to the Madras Presidency in 1799. Tirupur was a farming town along with irrigated ranches and the farmers became small proprietors from numerous textile related systems in the course of the 1970s. The boom in the fabric business caused an inter woven system from the little scale units leading to growth from the city into a significant cloth hub. Tiruppur ended up being a local firm in 2008 as well as a distinct Tiruppur area was carved out from component of Coimbatore district as well as Wear away district in 2009.